To Peech, Cheeku and Cherry,

Our ‘Fruit Salad’ of love

And their husbands

In thankfulness

For bringing these precious beads of love into our lives


This is a collection of some of the little things that our grand children made and left when visiting with us. We did not save all – that would have needed a small library but some that we could find when we decided recently to memorialize these in a small scrapbook.

It also contains some vignettes of memories that come flooding when we think of them playing, yelling, fighting, turning the house topsy-turvy; running for the ice cream van when its chime is heard in the distance; coddling the dogs till they run scared not knowing where to hide; helping us in the garden by training the water hose on us or heaping the dirt back into the pit we dug for putting in a rose bush; not to miss cooking those lovely little puris for Nana and Nani or small rotis in all shapes and even paranthas. And there were the outings to our exclusive Lake Garda beach; the neighborhood Play Park; and the Gurdwara for kirtan, parsad and langar. And finally as the day merged into night, come cuddle into bed with Nana or Nani and sleep like little angels.

They are all growing, each in their own distinct way. As their personalities blossom, the indicators are encouraging that they should all grow into loving, caring and responsible young people motivated to aim high with their feet firmly on ground, minds focused and values reflective of Guru’s teachings and the heritage their parents are passing to them.

We as grand parents can only feel thankful for the love we have received from them but more importantly we feel sure that the future is secure with them and they should bring a lot of joy into their own lives and of those that they touch.

Our prayers are with them as we put these lovely scraps together.

Nana & Nani

New Delhi 8 March, 2006

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