That is why this book – it is not to offer any grand solutions

We may not have been in touch but there was a development that I did want to share with you. I live in CT, USA, and have been active in the inter-faith work in the State for several years. Emanating out of my fairly intense involvement in presenting the Sikh faith to mixed audiences I worked on a book which has just [March 2003] been published by Sanbun [Hemkunt Press]in India. In this part of the world, at this time the book is available thru me till the publishers are able to make other distribution arrangements.

The book is entitled “Exploring Sikh Spirituality & the Paradox of their Stereotyping in contemporary American setting”. The range of topics covered in the book possibly would be of significant interest to your associates and both Sikh and non-Sikh readers.

In case you like to disseminate information about the book in your group, one way that I thought I could help was thru a phone interview or we could think of other means.

I would look forward to your response. My phone number is [860] 673 6381.

The outline of the enclosed book had been emerging for sometime and I thought I would work some more and bring it out during my current visit here. Having done that I am sending a copy for your perusal and would value your comments, feedback and suggestions. I do hope you will be able to take the time for this uninvited imposition. 

Like so many others who feel we are at some kind of cross roads in our journey on this planet and we need to re-look at where we are, our direction, our priorities, our views, our involvement with the way our lives are being impacted by what we do and what we don’t – I thought it might have some value if I could share what little I am saying with more.  

That is why this book – it is not to offer any grand solutions or deep understanding but a relatively lay attempt at small things attempted at individual level. It seems to be helping me in my own personal quest and also has been rather well received by my limited American audience. That gave me the encouragement to bring it out and do it now when it may have some relevance, given our contemporary environment, problems and responses. 

Do let me know whatever you may think reading this small volume.  

Respectfully submitted, 

Nirmal Singh 
Suggested names and addresses for sending the book copy to: 

  1. Dr Sangat Singh, S 181, Greater Kailash II, ND
  2. Wing Comdr R S Chhatwal, 86, Hemkunt Colony, ND
  3. I S Chadha, IFS[ Retd], 1104, Sector 36C, Chandigarh, 160036
  4. M S Bhutani, Bhutani Farms, [ 98115 52440]
  5. Prof Madhu Bhalla and Dr Anand Bhalla, JNU [98115 52440]
  6. P S Gujral, M 32, Rajauri Gardens, ND
  7. M S Batra, GK II {2643 6303
  8. Dr. J S Neki, Hemkunt Colony, ND
  9. Dr Dipankar Gupta, JNU
  10. Rahul Singh, Indian Express
  11. Saran Singh, Sikh Review
  12. Dr Kharak Singh, Inst of Sikh Studies, Chandigarh/Mohalli
  13. Khushwant Singh
  14. Patwant Singh
  15. Justice R S Nirula
  16. Dr Maini [Nishan]
  17. Manmohan Singh, MP
  18. Dr Mohinder Singh, Executive Director, Bhai Veer Singh Sadan, ND [recd. Ack mail]
  19. P S Bawa [recd. Ack email]

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