Spiritual Progression, Knowledge and Value Matrix in Sikhism

Stage or khandKnowledge typeSource of LearningStage of Mental developmentHaumain dispositionTrishna dispositionMode of Interface with the creationSocial orientationResponse to Societal ills  
DharmaReceived, perceived, customary or conventionalInstincts & experience of empirical worldAware of hukam, variety, diversitySelf interest drivenDriverInteractive, tribal, self centeredProtective self preservation, competitiveReactive, defensive
GyanAcquired, learnt, cognitiveSearch, seek conceptual world through reason, intellect and open mind  Experience higher truths & understand inter connectednessControlled through sensitivity about othersReasoned level thru frugality, austerity, choiceInclusive, empathetic, friendlyAcceptance of diversity and variety in creation & its significanceRational, measured, corrective, justice seeking
SaramContemplative, reflective, thought, felt, aestheticEffort at inner withdrawal to contemplate & reflect on spiritual worldConsciousness molded to comprehend innate beauty, harmony in creationSubdued by the surge of goodwill for allContented with what God givesJoyful, ecstatic, fraternal, appreciativeAppreciation of balance, beauty and harmony in diversity & varietyRighteous, proactive, sensitive to other’s cause
KaramMetaphysical, Immediate, Internalized, transcends human reason, actionIntuitive insight through God’s GraceEnergized by bliss and balanceExhumed, by spirit of service to God’s purposeSharing, caring, givingAltruistic, helping, serving, nurturingTreat all variety & diversity stemming from one sourceWilling to sacrifice to protect the weak & oppressed
SachDivine, Revelatory, Truth, integrative, apexDirectly from Creative SpiritUnderstand how divine will works – hukamMerges with & surrenders to God’s willProvidingSeeing Divine light in allNone stranger or enemy, love for allNot afraid ready to give life for peace & justice

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