Ek onkaar sat naam

There is but one God, true is His name

sach vart santokh teerath gian dhian isnaan

daya devta khima japmalee te manas pardhan

jugat dhoti surt chauka tilak karni hoe

bhao bhajan Nanaka virla ta koi koe

[Sarang ki Var, M IV, Slok M I]

Says Guru Nanak, rare are those whole heart is imbued with truth, contentment, kindness, forgiveness, intuitive awareness, understanding, thoughtfulness, action orientation and love –  for they are the real leaders.

jo jan loojhe manai syon se surai pardhan

[Maru ki Var, M III ]

Those who wrestle with the ephemeral mind [to do the right thing] are heroes and leaders.

Ella Grasso of the ‘Ella-phone’ who once said “it is not enough to profess faith in the democratic process, we must do something about it,” came close. Let her memory inspire us to recognize that to overcome social evils, we have to exalt and reinforce the dignity of the individual, do something and do it now. Let our prayer be –

Nanak nam chardi kalaa

tere bhaane sarbat da bhala

May God’s name, may the human spirit forever triumph, Nanak! and in Thy will may peace and prosperity come to one and all.Nirmal Singh, Farmington, CT. Sep 8, 2001. This service was organized by Levas [Lift Every Voice & Sing] Gospel Festival and Fair group, a non-profit arts based multicultural organization, at the Stage Pavilion in Bushnell Park, Hartford, CT. The fair has been held annually since 1995 in early Fall and offers a variety of activities like performances by featured artists, community choirs, theater and dance groups etc.  Other activities may include workshops, food and merchandise vendors along with many other family gatherings and activities. The fair is organized in partnership with the City of Hartford, Greater Hartford Arts Council and several Foundations. Its focus is to create awareness in the community that a pluralist environment can help to foster social harmony among diverse citizenry. The fair draws attendance of around 1000. Post Sep. 11 incident, a 911 TRIBUTE is included in their program. For more information on LEVAS go to or contact Carolyn Brooks-Burton at (860) 243-8734 or Email:

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