I bring you the respectful greetings of my fellow Sikhs in Connecticut

Ek onkar satgur parsad

There is but one Lord, reached through His own grace

Hey akal purkh sache patshah

Our eternal, true Lord We come to You together in prayer in remembrance of the thousands of innocent lives lost and so much suffering, anxiety, sadness that millions more have lived through since the horror of September 11. We also honor the heroism of those who put their lives at risk so that others may live and the dedication of those who worked to bring succor and relief to the suffering, weary and distraught. Let us also not forget to remember those like Balbir Singh Sodhi who became innocent victims of misplaced rage. The world is witnessing so much unrest and conflict. Poverty, ignorance, absence of opportunity are pervasive. The increasingly open world instead of helping encourage shared values is encountering increased polarization. The very structure of civil society emerging out of centuries of tortured human history that held out hope and promise of an era of relative peace and stability seems shaken. The wide spread feelings of hurt, anxiety, injustice and mistrust are complicating our ability to comprehend the strange hazards of transition to the unfolding global society. Pray, guide us so that we can, in consonance with the times, move constructively forward – for, as Nanak said, the test of Your devotees is to create harmony in the times they live in.

waqt pachhane so banda hoe

We pray let our fear not be excessive, let our hurt not guide our responses. Help all those who can influence the direction of events that may have historical significance realize that their sacred trust is to reduce human suffering and promote peace and tranquility. Let us not forget Nanak’s persuasion that balance and stability in the world is the product of righteousness and compassion.

Dhaul dharma daya ka poot

We seem to be at cross roads. Divided, give us the wisdom to understand that we have a common destiny. All of us, good as well as bad, are but Your children and beseech You to show us the way, lead us

Prabh ji khasmana kar piyare

Burey bhale hum thharey

Unto a world where the just and modest rule

Eh hoa halemi raj jio

Waheguru, let it be Your pleasure to heed our prayer to shower Your mercy on the entire world

Kirpa kar kai suno prabh sabh jag mehn varsai mehn

and as always we invoke –  sarbat da bhala – Your blessing for the well being of one and all. [The quotes in italics are from Guru Granth Sahib, the holy Sikh scripture. The annotations convey the broad meaning.] Nirmal Singh, Farmington, CT Sep.11, 2002

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