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As of now Neha and her friends are getting here on Friday evening. They have no engagements for that night because they could get late coming in.

On Saturday they want to see Qutab, Lodhi Gardens, Nehru Stadium, India Gate, Red Fort and Rashtrapati Bhawan. Most of these will be drive by, take pictures, stops but it still can take them a full tiring day. They will most likely have lunch at home during their drive around.

On Sunday they are going to Agra for a day trip and could return late in the evening – eat, sleep and then catch their flight back early the next morning.

I have been talking to Mr Saran at the home of Sunita Saran regarding Saturday evening for dinner with us. He said Shefali will call me but the number that you must have given could be the land line one which is down since the last downpour and may be that is why I have not heard from Shefali. I tried again this morning but they were not home and possibly the maid replied. I will call again later in the day.

I have asked Neha to help make copies of the CD and Mom has copies made of pictures you asked.

This is the best I know as of now.

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Thank you indeed for your kind words. I am so glad we had this opportunity to exchange some thoughts. Your comments were very perceptive and these issues need to be discussed with greater degree of openness to enable evolving some consensus.

Good that you moved to NC to be near your three little grand children. It can be nothing but pure joy and indeed a great blessing. NC is good climatically and its moderate weather should be an added attraction.

We are presently in Delhi and it looks we may have to continue to spend more time here than in the US. That has its problems because our house in PA is locked for almost two years and of course we miss our three daughters and the grand children who are all in the US.

In case you are planning a visit this side, come stay with us. It will be lovely and we can talk some more. Thanks for asking us to Durham – who knows. We do have a grand daughter at Duke though fortunately she spent a little time with us recently when she did a voluntary stint with kids with special needs in Kolkata.

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This news has hardly received any media attention so far. Most channels have ignored it – ony CNN/IBN was reporting it.
Akalis and Sikhs have made some noises here and in the UK and we can expect some clarifications by the British.
Let us hope there is some response from PMO. The political interest does not seem much. The people saw Devyani case as a more egregious infringement of Indian sovereignty than use of foreigners to plan military operations against India’s own citizens.
It could be a plant to get Sikhs excited against Congress just before elections. 
Hope you both are keeping well. When do you get back? It could be about time!

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Thank you for your mail. You are right about much water having passed under the bridge since our last exchange. In fact we were in the US for a couple of months but this time it involved a lot of travel. We opened our little house in New Cumberland, dusted it and locked it again. The rest of the time went seeing the doctors, meeting family and some friends, catching up with some important issues and then took our flights to Delhi for the winter.
Any chance your taking a trip this side? If you do please come and stay with us in Delhi. In the meanwhile do let us know how things are going on in Pittsburgh. Looking around the state of things seems to inspire a lot of hope in the youth but also raises concerns about how the old paradigms and systems appear to be losing relevance a bit too fast.
Do share your thoughts and stay well.

You  may remember that around Jan 10, I had emailed you after reading your draft sent by S. Gurmukh Singh of Sikh missionary society. In reply, you had mentioned that you were then in India taking care of your business and were expected to return in about 3 months. After return you had mentioned that you will get in touch. Now it is October; I and other well-wishers would like to hear from you and be  apprised of how much water has passed under the bridge. Sarjit Singh, 340 Goldsmith Road Pittsburg, PS 15237 – Phone 412 486 2633.

This appears to have been printed in the Chandigarh edition of TOI, one did not see this in the local edition.

Pathetic. Tempers are high, tomorrow they will target churches due to Sonia.

The T matter is going to get much worse, just watch. And GOI has jumped the gun, bifurcation may need a Constitutional Amendment which may not be politically possible at this stage.

Sikhs will suffer collateral damage.


This is disgusting – happening in India. What have Sikhs got to do with the bifurcation of Andhra except that the Cabinet is proxy presided over by Manmohan Singh?

Why is the media silent? Is there a conspiracy to turn Manmohan Singh the equivalent of what American media and Government did to Osama that in time turned out to become the biggest security issue of modern times for Sikh minority? Talk of hate crimes against Sikhs in foreign lands!

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So nice to hear from you. It has been a long time. My granddaughter at Duke graduated earlier this year and is now in NYC toiling away at Barclay Capital. They had made her a job offer soon after she had finished an internship with them in the summer of 2012. Looks she may end up doing law going forward.
We are presently in Delhi. Got here just yesterday so have to get over a lot of lethargy yet. We would spend the winter here though it does in fact feel colder here than in PA.
In case you have a chance of visiting this side, do come and spend some time with us. In the meanwhile our best wishes for you

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Gen JJ Singh’s father Col J S Marwah was in the EME, my senior by quite a few years. In early 60’s when I as a young Captain, was on the faculty of Military College of EME in Secunderabad, Col Marwah, then Lt Col, was in the EME Center next door. We have been meeting in our regimental Officers gatherings in Delhi when we happen to be visiting. If I recall right Col Marwah has also written a couple of books – I believe more in the patriotic, political commentary genre – this recollection based on our conversation 2/3 years back.

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