Fortunate are we all to be witness to celebrations for the four hundredth anniversary of installation at Harmandir Sahib of Adi Granth in 1604. The tradition has it that at its installation the Holy Granth was placed at a higher pedestal and Guru Arjan sat nearby on the floor. The message to the congregation was explicit – bani guru, guru hai bani, vich bani amrit saarey, gurbani kahey sevak jan maney, partakh guru nistarey – the Word is Guru, the source of all heavenly blessings. Such of the devotees who listen to and live by the Word will be liberated with the Guru’s help. The same Granth with the compositions of Guru Tegh Bahadur added was consecrated by Guru Gobind Singh before his passing in 1708 as the eternal living Guru of the Sikhs.

Let us this day resolve that, as we rejoice and celebrate the centenary, we will imbibe and share the timeless truths and the message of love, sharing, caring and prayer enshrined in the Granth with our friends, neighbors, in fact with all the peoples for never before in the history of mankind was the prayer of Gurus – jagat jalanda rakh lai apni kirpa dhar, jit dwarey ubhre tithe laio ubhar – more apt than today. Let us also bring others to celebrate this occasion with us for indeed the revealed Word is a shared heritage of the entire mankind and let us once again commit ourselves to work for the Gurus’ ideal of – be gam pura – a world free of sorrow and suffering – with each of us striving for – sarbat ka bhala – well being of one and all.

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