Thank you for your prompt and encouraging response. I will correct the spelling to Arjun in my original too. You are so correct about wadhai – we do celebrate shahidis in very dignified manner that reflects our maturity in this one respect! This year also is being celebrated as the quad-centenary year for the establishment of Akal Takhat. In a meeting convened by SGPC in mid Feb to plan the programs for the three centenaries this year where I was invited, I had suggested 2006 to be declared as the year of Miri Piri to bring focus to this aspect of our belief system and to encourage more work to be done to define the concept in all its facets – as it impacts our lives, how we relate to others and the society and our holistic world view. There were a lot of words of appreciation for the thought and S Avtar Singh wanted to discuss some more after my return from Pakistan where I was then headed. Unfortunately we could not meet again but I am wondering if you would think about it and if you find some merit in the thought try to push it through Sikh Review.

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