Ja ko muskal ati baney dhoi koey neh dey

Lagoo hoey dusmana sak bhi bhaj khaley

Sabho bhajey asra chukey sabh asrao

Chit avey us parbrahm lagey neh tati vao –1

Aaye neh jaye thir sada gursabdi sach jaan – 1 – rahau



kripa karey jis parbrahm hovey sadhu sang

jio jio oh vadhaiey teeo teeo har sio rang

duha sirian ka khasam ap avar neh dooja thao

satgur tuthey paiya nanak sacha nao – 9- 1 – 26

When troubles come and no one offers you comfort

When friends turn into foes and kinsmen flee away

When neither any support nor succor is in sight

Turn your thoughts to Him and He will keep you from any harm – 1

Our Lord is the strength of the stricken

That He is for ever, not transient, take that truth from the Guru – 1- pause

Those blessed with God’s mercy find the fraternity of the holy

As grows their bond with the saintly immerse they deeper in God’s love

Of here and here after the lord is God, none other is there to go to

Love of True Name, O Nanak, is obtained only by the grace of True Guru –9-1-26

siri rag M V, p. 70-1

Agi pala ki karey suraj kehi rat

Chand anhera ki karey paun pani kya jat

Dharti cheejee ki karey jis vich sabh kichh hoey

Nanak ta pat janiey ja pat rakhey soey

What can frost do to fire or night affects the sun

Darkness means nought to the moon or social status to air or water

Earth does not crave for things for it is the source of all matter

Nanak dignified is only the one whose honor God protects

var majh ki, M II, p.150

eko pavan mati sabh eka sabh eko jot sabaya

sabh ika jot vartey bhin bhin neh ralhi kisey de ralaya

Air all breathe, clay they are made of and light within them is the same

The One Light pervading all is never intermingled, diluted or obscured

majh M IV, p.96

kalau masajni kya sadaiye

hirdey hee likh leho

sada sahib ke rang rahey

 kabhoo neh tootas neho

Why ask for quill or the inkpot

Write within your heart

Remain thou immersed forever in the Lord’s love

And your affection never will wither

Sahib nitania ka taan

– siri rag ki var, slok M III, p.84

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