Naam – my Dheevaa

Thy One Name is my lamp; I have put the oil of suffering into it. Its flame has dried up this oil, and I have escaped my meeting with the Messenger of Death – dheevaa maeraa eaek naam dhukh vich paaeiaa thael ||oun chaanan ouhu sokhiaa chookaa jam sio mael – Asa M I, p. 358

Your Name is the lamp, and Your Name is the wick. Your Name is the oil I pour into it. Your Name is the light applied to this lamp, which enlightens and illuminates the entire world — Says Ravi Daas, Your Name is my Aartee, my lamp-lit worship-service. The True Name, Sat Naam, is the food which I offer to You – naam thaeraa dheevaa naam thaero baathee naam thaero thael lae maahi pasaarae ||naam thaerae kee joth lagaaee bhaeiou oujiaaro bhavan sagalaarae — kehai ravidhaas naam thaero aarathee sath naam hai har bhog thuhaarae – Dhanasri Ravidas, p. 694

Light of Understanding Dispels Darkness of Ignorance: Gurmukh Knows

When the lamp is lit, the darkness is dispelled; reading the Vedas, sinful intellect is destroyed. When the sun rises, the moon is not visible. Wherever spiritual wisdom appears, ignorance is dispelled. Reading the Vedas is the world’s occupation; the Pandits read them, study them and contemplate them. Without understanding, all are ruined. O Nanak, the Gurmukh is carried across – dheevaa balai a(n)dhhaeraa jaae  baedh paat(h) math paapaa khaae  ougavai soor n jaapai cha(n)dh  jeh giaan pragaas agiaan mitta(n)th  baedh paat(h) sa(n)saar kee kaar  parrih parrih pa(n)ddith karehi beechaar  bin boojhae sabh hoe khuaar  naanak guramukh outharas paar – Suhi Slok M I, p. 791

One may dance and play numerous instruments; but this mind is blind and deaf, so for whose benefit is this speaking and preaching? Deep within is the fire of greed, and the dust-storm of doubt. The lamp of knowledge is not burning, and understanding is not obtained. ||1|| The Gurmukh has the light of devotional worship within his heart. Understanding his own self, he meets God – nirath karae bahu vaajae vajaaeae ||eihu man a(n)dhhaa bolaa hai kis aakh sunaaeae ||a(n)thar lobh bharam anal vaao ||dheevaa balai n sojhee paae ||1||guramukh bhagath ghatt chaanan hoe ||aap pashhaan milai prabh soe  – Asa M III, p. 364

Guru Shows the Way

After looking around in the four directions, I looked within my own self. There, I saw the True, Invisible Lord Creator. I was wandering in the wilderness, but now the Guru has shown me the Way. Hail to the True, True Guru, through whom we merge in the Truth. I have found the jewel within the home of my own self; the lamp within has been lit. Those who praise the True Shabad, abide in the peace of Truth. But those who do not have the Fear of God, are overtaken by fear. They are destroyed by their own pride. Having forgotten the Name, the world is roaming around like a wild demon – chaarae ku(n)ddaa dhaekh a(n)dhar bhaaliaa ||sachai purakh alakh siraj nihaaliaa ||oujharr bhulae raah gur vaekhaaliaa ||sathigur sachae vaahu sach samaaliaa ||paaeiaa rathan gharaahu dheevaa baaliaa ||sachai sabadh salaahi sukheeeae sach vaaliaa ||niddariaa ddar lag garab s gaaliaa ||naavahu bhulaa jag firai baethaaliaa – Majh M I, p. 149

Without the oil, how can the lamp be lit? ||1||Pause|| Let the reading of your prayer book be the oil, and let the Fear of God be the wick for the lamp of this body. Light this lamp with the understanding of Truth. ||2|| Use this oil to light this lamp. Light it, and meet your Lord and Master. ||1||Pause|| – bin thael dheevaa kio jalai ||1|| rehaao ||pothhee puraan kamaaeeai || bho vattee eith than paaeeai ||sach boojhan aan jalaaeeai ||2||eihu thael dheevaa eio jalai ||kar chaanan saahib tho milai ||1|| rehaao || – Sri Rag M I, p. 25

The Messenger of Death cannot even touch that person who is protected by the True Lord. Lighting the lamp of the Guru’s Teachings, my awareness has been awakened. The self-willed manmukhs are false; without Naam, they wander around like demons. They are nothing more than beasts, wrapped up in human skin; filled with darkness within – pohi n sakai jamakaal sachaa rakhavaaliaa ||gur saakhee joth jagaae dheevaa baaliaa ||manamukh vin naavai koorriaar firehi baethaaliaa ||pasoo maanas cha(n)m palaettae a(n)dharahu kaaliaa  – Malar M V, p. 1284

Dheeaa of Diwali

Lighting the dheevaa of naam within is the real celebration of Diwali. Guru shows the way. Gurmukhs gets to know and swims across while the manmukh is left adrift.

Lamps are lighted in the night of Divali. Stars of different variety appear in the sky. In the gardens the flowers are there which are selectively plucked. The pilgrims going to pilgrimage centers are also seen. The imaginary habitats have been seen coming into being and vanishing. All these are momentary, but the Gurmukhs with the help of the Word nourish the gift of the pleasure fruit – dheevaalee dhee raath dheevae baaleeani||thaarae jaath sanaath a(n)bar bhaaleeani||fulaa(n) dhee baagaath chun chun chaaleeani||theerathh jaathee jaath nain nihaaleeani||har cha(n)dhouree jhaath vasaae ouchaaleeani||guramukh sukh fal dhaath sabadh samhaaleean – Vaar Gurdas 19 Pauri 6

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