Nirmal Singh is a former Business Executive and Professor, Chair Operations Management & Dean Administrative Staff College of India. A past President of Connecticut Sikh Association, he has been working for several years on sharing information about the Sikh faith, culture and values in the contemporary setting with the larger American community through promoting and participation in dialogues, discussion groups, seminars, events, media appearances and writing etc.

Purpose of Sikhs and Society

It is our hope that the articles on this website, some in the nature of online conversations on Sikh issues, would encourage wider discussion. Such discussion on several of the subjects would not have been thought of within the community too some years back. The Sikh youth of today, however, is like all other youth, more critical, has questioning attitude and looks to reasoned presentations and interpretations that while rooted in the eternal truths revealed by the Gurus are explicated in a manner, mode and metaphor that is able to get their attention and help them to relate to realities of life. We recognize that Sikhs, like all ardent believers, hold our Gurus and Gurbani in great reverence. Sikh precepts, praxis and related issues have been heard and talked mostly in the environs of Gurdwaras and homes. It was in the main a one way communication, received in a devotional mode, with seldom if any question expected or asked. Our expectation is that not so on this site – we would like the participants to open up and let the flood gates of different understandings, interpretations, experiences and emotions flow to be shared. So let us talk, communicate. Let visit to this site become a learning opportunity and in some ways a liberating experience.

Just Published
PM Modi serves langar at the Golden Temple

Narendra Modi is the first prime Minister to serve langar at the Golden Temple, Gurbachan Singh, Chief Information Officer at the shrine, told IANS. Modi entered the dining hall on Saturday night and “suddenly started serving the devotees,” he said. “In fact, Manmohan Singh visited the Golden Temple many times as Prime Minister,” Singh said, […]

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Latest News : Kathleen Wynne was honoured by Sikh leaders

AMRITSAR, INDIA ­ Premier Kathleen Wynne was honoured by Sikh leaders at the Golden Temple despite a media-fuelled controversy swirling around her visit to the holy shrine. Wynne was warmly welcomed Sunday, receiving the siropa robe of honour at the Sikh faiths most sacred site. A large and aggressive throng of Indian news photographers accompanied […]

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Baisakhi Celebrated with High Spirits

It has been 317 years since the Path of the Khalsa/ Panth Khalsa was established in 1699 by their spiritual father Guru Gobind Singh Ji, and today Sikhs around the world still continue to celebrate Baisakhi as the day their identity as Khalsa/Pure Ones supersedes all else. Guru Gobind Singh Ji was a visionary, a […]

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